Monday, July 19, 2010


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Memorial day weekend does not usually prove to be a good yardsale weekend. People are busy doing other things. Like going to flea markets or the beach. Of course I am always on the lookout for them anytime of the year and happen to see a sign in our local postoffice about a 4 day yardsale on Memorial Day weekend in a small village a few miles from where I live. Being the dedicated yardsaler that I am I went early the first day because I did not know exactly where it was (not really, I am one of the early birds to all yardsales). The village is so small that there are no stores, just a postoffice and one intersection with a 4 way stop sign. If you would blink you would miss it.
When I saw a few people setting up, I drove by a few times until I saw they had made a good start at putting things out. Much to my loveeeee they were bringing box after box out of an old shed on the site and boxes out of the old house. I told myself I better stop before a crowd arrived. My mom and I were told to just go thru the boxes and if we find anything we want just make a pile and she would give us one price. She did not have to tell me twice. Beautiful old Bavarian bowls, plates, vases, old bottles, linens, fabric, buttons, McCoy planters and vases and on and on. I made my pile that first day and all I bought was just $25.00. She said more people would be coming on Saturday and they would be bringing more boxes out of the house and sheds.
Of course I had to go the second day. More dishes. A whole set of pink rose dishes for 8 including the teapot, sugar, creamer, platters and other serving pieces. I asked how much for the box (they were very dirty from being in the shed for years) and she said would $5.00 be too much. Of course not I said. Feeling very guilty. From another lady that was there I got a pair of deer antlers for $2.00 and an Italian vase which turned out to be very valuable for $1.00.
Did I go back the third day you ask? Of course I did. I go to Church every Sunday and made a quick run out there again before Church. That is when I saw it "THE DESK". In very good shape. No broken spindles or knobs. Needs a slight sanding. You open up the front and there are cubbies. Looks just like an adult Eastlake desk. I knew the lady very well that had it and she did not have a price on it. I really had no intentions of buying a desk. It was a childs Eastlake desk with carved kitten design on the front. I told her that even at a yardsale she could easily get $75. to $100 for that desk. She said if you will take it you can have it for $10.00!!!!!!!!! I told her no you really should put the price I said on it and you will get that for it. No she said she wanted me to have it for $10.00. I bought it for that and am going to refinish it for my 4th grandson. Isn't it just the cutest thing. I have researched it and cannot find another one like it anywhere. I can truly say I was honest with her about getting more for it, but she wanted me to have it for one of my grandsons. Too sweet!!!
Now, did I go back the 4th day. No. I had to leave something for everyone else didn't I!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful desk...the dishes are what would have been my downfall...I would have had to go back each day they had the sale!

  2. Thank you Mimi. I just took a look at your blog and added you to my favorites. No wonder you would have been drawn to the dishes. Your tablescapes are beautiful!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. WOW! i love the desk - and for $10 - that is a great deal! i love to see the inside with the cubbies (hint hint!) thanks for playing along!

  4. Lucky lucky lucky you....sheds, boxes and still my heart! What an amazing find on that EL desk....thanks for sharing your amazing find.

  5. Oh my, $10.00 for that desk. I'm so excited for you! Looks like you got some other great deals also. You made out.

  6. wow, that's an incredible bargain! She is probably just happy for it to have a good home!