Monday, January 31, 2011

Oriental Tea Party w/Chinese Tea Brick

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     I love tea and have in my life time collected as many as 50 teapots. Over the years I have taken my collection down to 3 complete tea sets and a couple of teapots that match different china sets I have.
     This is one of my favorites which is a Japanese set that has a red chop mark. It was not meant for export. I got this at an auction where the family had lived in Japan for many decades. The cups and saucers are paper thin. Very pretty handpainted scenes on each piece. I have a service for 8, but I am having a tea party for two today.
     We are having Japanese green tea and poppy seed bread. I have kept it simple.
     In the upper left you will see a tea brick. It is from China and is compressed tea. It has an embossed oriental scene on one side and the other is divided into bricks.  History has it that at one time these bricks were used as currency and you would cut the brick into pieces and use to purchase other items. The tea pieces would be ground to make your tea. I got mine on ebay in the 1990's. I have seen them since and they are much more than what I paid for mine. You can go on line and on wikipedia they have a real nice write up on the history of the tea brick. I love having it to go along with my tea set collections. The brass item is a Chinese tea cannister for loose tea. When you take the lid off you can see another lid that helps keep the tea fresh. I love this piece for all the embossed oriental symbols all around. This piece belonged to my Grandmother.
     The large framed fan I got at auction many years ago. Not sure if it is Chinese or Japanese.
Now you can join me and see what I have put together for our tea party. Enjoy.

This link is to  my most favorite part of Karate Kid 2. That is the tea ceremony. It really shows the romantic side of tea. Thanks for stopping by and having a bit of tea with me. ~~Sherry~~

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I "HEART" Pearls Valentines Wreath

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     This wreath started with a bunch of tiny bouquets of roses and pearls I got quite a while ago from a Church bazaar. I love pearls, not too crazy about roses eventhough I am a florist. I would rather have a bouquet of white stock and electric blue delphinium.
     I had a straw wreath that was covered in green plastic, so I covered it with white satin ribbon. I did not like the way the ribbon overlap showed, so I then wrapped the ribbon with white tulling.
     I also had on had some red sheer ribbon that had a little glimmer to it that was left over from Christmas. I took the little bouquets and and added 3 loops of the sheer ribbon around each bouquet. I then added these bouquets to the center of the heart.
     I also buy a lot of jewelry at auctions and yardsales. After making the wreath, I wanted more pearls to go with the pearls in the little bouquets. I found this 8 strand pearl necklace and attached it to the bottom.
      Most of what I used, I already had on hand. I am not a red and pink kind of gal, so I will make me another Valentines wreath with white orchids. I will just add this red one to my flower shop. Thanks for stopping by!!! ~~Sherry~~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day Breakfast on Vintage Blue Willow Restaurant Plates

Here is my morning breakfast of French toast that I prepared with fresh eggs from my Mom's chickens. I used vanilla extract that was developed in the 1930's by my childrens grandfather who was a pharmacist, for the french toast. The pharmacy closed in the last few years, but the gift shop that is there now still sells his extract. I also used it in the snow cream. I  have sausage links and fresh snow ice cream to go along with the meal. It is served on a divided blue willow restaurant plate. I have 10 of them and my Grandchildren love eating off of them.  Most were gotten at yardsales for no more than $1.00 each. Four I got at auction for $10.00. Snow ice cream: big bowl of snow, Add enough half and half til it is the consistency of a slurpy, add sugar to taste and vanilla extract to taste. Mix til sugar is disolved. If too thin either add more snow or put in freezer til it gets to the consistency of a slurpy.  Yummy!!! I am sharing this with Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday and Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday. I am also linking to Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous.  I am also linking to Flaunt it Friday a Chic On a Shoestring Decorating. Linking to Paisley Passions Fun w/Food Friday . And Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Display

This was my display for Christmas on  the buffet in my dining room. It is more wintery than Christmas, soooo I am leaving it up for a while.  The tree is decorated with white pearl snowflakes, glittered dark green grape clusters, crystal icycles, snowbaby ornaments and green balls with a raised snowflake design.

The candle wreath is green and white berries with the same green balls with snowflakes that I took out the hanger and added glittered leaves to make them look like fruit.  The globe is an antique one that is from South America that they would use on floats with candles. I love it because it is full of bubbles and flaws and weighs a ton!!!

The oil painting is Victorian and is one of my favorite snow paintings. There is a woman and little girl walking towards the sunset.   I am posting this with Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday. Be sure and go by and see all the beauties there this week.