Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flowers from my garden

   Love this time of year when I can make flower arrangements from my gardens!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The wind sent me a gift this morning

When I opened my door this morning there was a beautiful gift stuck in the door by the wind.  Hydrangea are even beautiful in their skeletonized state.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bleeding Heart Flowers and the Cross

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   My favorite flower has always been the bleeding heart. I love the simplicity of the flower and the meaning behind it. I have the pink or red as some call it that represents the blood of Jesus and the white His Resurrection. Did you know that inside a bloom is a spear that pierced His side. I have shown a bloom opened with a picture of the spear.

    I also collect the old pressed pattern glass with the bleeding heart pattern.

     I have also included one of the many antique Easter cards I have. This is the only one that shows the true meaning of Easter.

     Have a Blessed and safe Easter. ~~Sherry~~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victorian children in white and First love


     It is Faded Charms White Wednesday again and it is one of my favorite parties of the week since most of my house is done in white. Be sure and stop over at Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday also.

     I think I have mentioned before how much I love old prints and the two with the children in white are two of my favorites. The little boy sitting on the edge of the water fishing and the little girl in her prim white bonnet and frilly dress. I purchased these at two at different times. Their frames are very similar and I love the chippiness of the frames. Both have wood backs which I have never removed but would love to take a peak inside hoping that it would give me some idea of the era of the prints.

     The last picture is of my sister, a friend named Skeeter and myself. He was our first love. This was taken in the summer in about 1955. Skeeter visited his grandparents every summer and we were his grandparents closest neighbors so if he wanted to play, he was stuck with my sister and myself. Would love to know where he is now. His Grandparents moved in the late 1950's and we never heard from them again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Grandmother's Decorated Real Eggs

     This is a partial collection of my Grandmother's decorated eggs. My sister has some and my Mother has the bulk of her collection in the Antique French display case my Grandmother bought to display her eggs in. She was an artist beyond compare. Her eggs were her crowning glory as they were displayed quite a few times in our county seat library for all to enjoy.
     The first photo has an egg on a stand decorated with pearls and gold braids that opens up to a velvet lined interior. The yellow looking egg has dried fern attached. The one with the mirror in the bottom is open on both sides and has a bouquet of velvet flowers in the top that reflect in the mirror. The one in the front she applied cracked egg shell to an egg and then dipped it in dye to give it the marble effect. My favorite of these is the open one that looks like it has an egg yolk in it. She split an egg in two and placed the top portion of another egg inside that she had added tiny gold beads to. She would apply her beads with tweezers.
                                                                                    The next photo is a close up of some of my favorites. The next photo has 3 of her Easter and spring related eggs. The middle one she dyed the egg in boiling onion skin to give it a mottled look to it. The cross is made with bark and has dried flowers at the base of the cross.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 The next photo  has two that are Valentines related with hanging hearts. She always put a tiny bead at the bottom to represent dripping blood. I love the Victorian  looking ones that she decoupaged and then added black lace or netting. The glisten you see on a lot of the eggs was her treasured diamond dust.

     The two blue ones she decoupaged and added diamond dust.

     The last two are my very favorites. The one with the dove she took the top of an egg as the base. She placed small letters on the base alpha and omega. Under the egg she put the letters BTL which were her initials. That is the only piece she signed in someway. Next she placed a dove with an egg between it's wings with a gold cross with red rhinestone. The crown of thorns she made from a twig and painted gold. She adds a bit of glimmer with irridescent sequins to the base and beside the crown.
     The last one I shared a few months ago for blue Monday. She painted an egg blue and all the decoration she made with crushed eggs that she applied to thin cardboard that she cut into flower design. She evevn made the bow at the top with cardboard with the applied crushed eggshell. This is the only piece that is dated 1971 with tiny white letters applied to the sides of the egg.

     Before Easter I plan on doing another post with the eggs and the cabinet that my Mom has.
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