Monday, January 31, 2011

Oriental Tea Party w/Chinese Tea Brick

This is my first time joining a tea party, so bear with me. I am linking this post to Silken Purses "Teapot & Tea Things Tuesday". , A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday. , Lady Katherine Tea Parlor for Tea Time Tuesday. , Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday , Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea Time Tuesday ,

     I love tea and have in my life time collected as many as 50 teapots. Over the years I have taken my collection down to 3 complete tea sets and a couple of teapots that match different china sets I have.
     This is one of my favorites which is a Japanese set that has a red chop mark. It was not meant for export. I got this at an auction where the family had lived in Japan for many decades. The cups and saucers are paper thin. Very pretty handpainted scenes on each piece. I have a service for 8, but I am having a tea party for two today.
     We are having Japanese green tea and poppy seed bread. I have kept it simple.
     In the upper left you will see a tea brick. It is from China and is compressed tea. It has an embossed oriental scene on one side and the other is divided into bricks.  History has it that at one time these bricks were used as currency and you would cut the brick into pieces and use to purchase other items. The tea pieces would be ground to make your tea. I got mine on ebay in the 1990's. I have seen them since and they are much more than what I paid for mine. You can go on line and on wikipedia they have a real nice write up on the history of the tea brick. I love having it to go along with my tea set collections. The brass item is a Chinese tea cannister for loose tea. When you take the lid off you can see another lid that helps keep the tea fresh. I love this piece for all the embossed oriental symbols all around. This piece belonged to my Grandmother.
     The large framed fan I got at auction many years ago. Not sure if it is Chinese or Japanese.
Now you can join me and see what I have put together for our tea party. Enjoy.

This link is to  my most favorite part of Karate Kid 2. That is the tea ceremony. It really shows the romantic side of tea. Thanks for stopping by and having a bit of tea with me. ~~Sherry~~


  1. Sherry, I so happy you saved this lovely Tea Set! How wonderful it is! I loved seeing and hearing about every piece! Love you have your grandmother's tea cannister! Love seeing it with the lid off. Tea bricks are new to me, Thank you for sharing yours! This was so lovely with the fan! Thank you for joining me for Tea Time, and you can always join in again and again with the same tea set, with different food,Tea, or even coffee, any baking or beverage. Loved having you today!

  2. Hi Sherry, hope you stay warm out there, sorry to hear you're getting a storm. Your tea set is just darling. I've not heard of tea bricks at all, so interesting! xoxo tami

  3. Your oriental tea set is so beautiful. I love it!...Christine

  4. Such beautiful items and arranged in such a lovely vignette. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Oh my this is a beautiful tea party show! I love the oriental theme it is unusual and beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful tea set, Sherry! I love the Japanese scenery on the pieces; a lovely tea! Thank you for sharing and for joining me for Tea Time.


  7. I love it, love it, totaly love it! I'm so crazy about Chinese tea sets and yours is fantastic! Beautiful your table set for tea, wish I was there to have it with you...I have a Chinese tea set, bought in England by a friend who buys and sells antique china and so I was lucky to buy it. He got it from an old lady that had it since WWII, just gorgeous with the dragons in it, it's bone china, see through, paper thin.
    Hope you can visit my blog, you're welcome. I will soon make a tea tablescape with the tea set
    I have, I have a couple mre Chinese style full china sets.
    Thank you for sharing Sherry, I love this! I'm also your latest follower too.

  8. What a beautiful tea set! And how fun to have such a wonderful collection! Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  9. So glad you have joined us for tea. Your Japanese tea set is really lovely. I have not heard of tea bricks. Enjoyed learning more about them from your post. My son lived and worked in Japan for a little over a year and he sent me Japanese post cards. The delicacy of the painting on the post cards reminds me of your tea set scenes. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Love the oriental pieces you have. HOw I wish I could grab some treasures from my home.

    GOng xi fa cai.

  11. Welcome to Tea on Tuesday. What a wonderful setting! I love hearing the memories that are connected to china. It makes them so special.
    Thank you for sharing these very beautiful pieces.
    I look forward to seeing what else you show us, hopefully in the near future.

  12. This is a gorgeous china set! I adore it!

  13. Wow!!! I love your tea set. Thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner. For being your first time joining a tea party you brought your finery to the party. I just love the post.

  14. What a lovely tea. With Chinese New Year having just begun, this is a perfect post. Thanks for the visit. It brought me to this beautiful tea time.
    ~ Sarah

  15. Hello there,

    What a fabulous tea set!~ We owe much to China for those of us who are tea affectionados!.., Happy Chinese New Year!

    Thanks so much for sharing this loveliness with all of us and also for taking part with TTTT and TTFT!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee