Monday, August 30, 2010

My Handmade crocheted blue throw

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Have I mentioned before that I love blue, white and brown. I think I have several times. This is an afghan that I crocheted in the 1970's. I had found the pattern for it from a Family Circle magazine and you had to order the pattern for it. I made me the blue and white one and a mauve and cream one for my Mother for Christmas. This was a very fun throw to make as you crocheted the strips and then sewed them together. I have been searching thru my files (which could take many months) because I would like to make one for my daughter and 2 daughter-in-laws for Christmas. By the time I find the pattern that might mean next Christmas. The way it is crocheted, it is very heavy.  I keep mine draped 
        over the bentwood rocking chair that belonged to my Grandfathers uncle.
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  1. I think your afghan is totally gorgeous!

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  2. creative craft,
    it looks warm, soft, and cute.

  3. nice to see. I am not good at these things so I am impressed. :)

  4. Love it! You are very talented. The details are fantastic too. Reminds me of a warm ocean on a sunny day.

  5. I have a number of afghans but nothing to compare to yours. I never saw this design. Very pretty.

  6. That is gorgeous! I love blue and white and brown, too. And blue and red and blue and pink.... ;) You get the idea. If you find the pattern, would you consider sharing it?
    I'm crocheting a blue granny square afghan right now.
    Yours is lovely~

  7. I've never seen an afghan like this one. It's very beautiful!

  8. Your afghan is lovely, and I'd like to make it for my daughter for her house near the ocean. Can you give me a clue as to the name of the pattern and perhaps what year it was made available so that I can look for it -- maybe on ebay? Thanks.